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Benefits of gold in cosmetic

Essens Health Written by Published in Blog Publish 01 September 2014 Read 2437 times
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Throughout history in various countries like Rome, Egypt and Japan, Gold was used to treat an array of skin problems. Cleopatra was said to have worn a gold mask every night to keep her youthful looks among her many and varied treatments she used to maintain her beauty.

We now know that Gold in fact is not just a soft and expensive metal but is also proving to be a healthy material to use on the skin. Thus the reasons why many suffer skin allergies to certain metals and can only wear gold. Gold is now a very sought after ingredient by many cosmetic manufacturers.

The benefits of gold for the skin are:

  • Treats the skin by improving and stimulating circulation
  • Increases radiance and stimulates skin cells
  • Gold slows down collagen depletion
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and age spots
  • Gold prevents premature aging of the skin by fighting off free radicals
  • Gold also has the ability to lighten the complexion.
  • Increases elasticity of the skin
  • Gold has also been used to joint and bodily aches and pains
  • Fights acne and aids in the treatment of scaring by speeding up the healing process
  • Smooths out wrinkles and firms the skin
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Treats skin discoloration

Amazing new benefits are still being found!!!

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