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WO Protein Chocolate

WO Protein - Chocolate

Sales price: RM 150.00
Manufacturer: FA Herbs

Grab n Go protein supplement for your daily protein needs. Low lactose, Fat and Carbohydrate. Suitable for diabetics. Halal Certified.

W.O. Protein - Chocolate Flavour

  • Natural Flavoring
  • Low Lactose, Fat & Carbohydrate
  • Jakim Halal Certified
  • No Fillers and coloring
  • No Aspartane & Acesulfame K
  • No Sugar
  • Gold standard Protein
  • Fully imported ingredients
  • Suitable for diabetics


What is protein and why is it important?

Scientifically, protein is a chain like series of amino acids.

Protein is needed:

  • To build and maintain proper hormone levels.
  • For necessary chemical reactions to take place.
  • To keep the body’s immune system functioning properly.
  • For proper regulation of the body’s fluid balance.
  • For muscle tissue preservation.

Who uses protein supplements?

  • Bodybuilders. For those looking to add muscle mass, protein supplementation isn’t an option…it’s a requirement. Whether you’re a whey protein addict, or just like to have a protein bar handy just in case, protein supplements are a bodybuilder’s safety net.
  • Athletes. Protein supplementation isn’t just for bodybuilders. Hard training athletes need extra protein for energy, to repair muscle, and to insure proper body functioning.
  • Dieters. Protein foods speed up the metabolism, and allow for the proper burning of stored fat. Protein also leaves your feeling more satisfied after a meal. Dieters use protein supplements and meal replacement products to help the fat burning process, and to fend off hunger.
  • Hard-gainers. For those that are underweight, or for those with a fast metabolism, eating enough to normalize body weight can be difficult. Protein foods can add vital calories during times of the day when eating is difficult, but required.

Protein and muscle growth
Increased  protein intake while on a training program helps to increase lean muscle mass. Our bodies are in a constant state of “protein turnover”. Muscle tissue is continuously being repaired and replaced. To maximize this repair, you must maintain a protein positive nitrogen balance. When you under eat protein, your body repair is compromised and muscle can be lost. Plus, other vital bodily functions are affected, such as hormone regulation and blood PH balance. When you are involved with a training regimen, more muscle tissue then normal is in need of repair. This is the reason why we need more protein.

Protein and fat loss
Protein is thermogenic, it requires more energy to digest. Our bodies have to work 30% harder to digest protein then it does to digest and process carbs and fats. For this reason, a high protein diet boosts your metabolism and aids in fat loss.

Protein is also required mobilize stored fat for energy. If you under eat protein, your body will have a harder time drawing on fat stores, and may cannibalize muscle tissue for energy. This is one of the reasons why low protein diets can make you feel weak and tired.

Protein and recovery
Protein plays a vital role in muscle recovery and workout “rebound.” After a workout:

  1. Your muscles are depleted of glycogen.
  2. Your muscles are damaged, and are in need of repair.

A steady stream of protein insures a proper nitrogen balance. And a positive nitrogen balance allows your body to be in “muscle repair mode”. The faster your muscles repair, the faster you recover.

Extra protein is essential for people who have regular workouts, or for those who are cutting fat.

How much protein do we need?
Those of us involved with exercise should consume 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Another good guideline is to make sure that 20 to 40% of your daily calories come from protein sources.

1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound.
Bodyweight – Grams of Protein Required

  • 150 pounds – 150 to 225 grams of protein
  • 175 pounds – 175 to 263 grams of protein
  • 200 pounds – 200 to 300 grams of protein
  • Etc…

Calories – Grams of Protein Required
20 to 40% of daily calories from protein.

  • 2500 calories – 125 to 250 grams of protein
  • 3000 calories – 150 to 300 grams of protein
  • 3500 calories – 175 to 350 g rams of protein
  • And so on….

Benefits of using WO protein
Most athletes eat between 5 to 8 protein meals per day. Preparing these meals can be time consuming and expensive!! WO protein requires very little “prep” time as they are fully “grab and go.”  WO supplements require no refrigeration, and are very portable. They can go where you go, with very little hassle.  WO supplements will likely save you money. Beef, chicken and salmon of high quality can be very costly. Proper protein timing can be very important to maximizing your efforts. WO Protein supplements provide you with the ability to have a fast protein meal whenever you need it. Don’t let your life intervene and change your plans for a proper protein diet.

When to take your WO
First Thing In The Morning Everyday. When waking up, your body is in fasting mode, your body needs a fast protein source to insure that you remain in a positive nitrogen balance.  Even on a rest day (non training day) Protein levels need to maintained in order to ensure a complete recovery and to ensure muscle tissue preservation.

Pre Workout. 30 minutes prior - Your pre-workout protein will keep your body in a positive nitrogen balance as you workout.

Post Workout. Within 30 minutes - Consume protein to aid your recovery from your workout, and propel you into a positive nitrogen balance until your next meal.

Each Box contains 30 pack of 35 grams formulation

Food information per pack of 35 gram

  • 121.45 kCal
  • 41 kcal from fat.

Composition per pack is : 1.39 g fat, 3.64 g carbohydrate, 25.33 g protein
Ingredients : Whey Protein Concentrate. Sucralose, Natural Flavoring
Usage Instruction

  • To be mix in a shaker with cold/room temperature water
  • To take before or after work out
  • To be consumed within 30 minutes of mixing

Made In Malaysia


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